What is CHAS?
CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Assessment Scheme, it is an accredited health and safety scheme for the construction industry. Some buyers require CHAS certification before they allow
you tender. This has been seen in public sectors such as schools, colleges etc.

With our guidance your organisation can become CHAS complaint, certification provides verification of CHAS registration and history to non-CHAS buyers, potential clients and also insurers.
Potential for discounted public liability insurance, exemption from completing Constructionline and other H&S scheme questionnaires access to information on CHAS database about your company,
this includes your CHAS status, registration details and also assessment history.

Certificate is valid for a year (12 months) from the date that you were last assessed as being compliant, buyers can view who are compliant, a CHAS complaint supplier meets
acceptable standards of safety.

Benefits of CHAS

Some benefits of CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) that benefit both suppliers and buyers are:

  • Show compliancy – through CHAS certification suppliers will show compliance with important parts of health and safety law.
  • Reduced Inconsistencies – by having CHAS certification it reduces inconsistencies where some suppliers may be judged on how compliant they are by a buyer but not another.
  • Time saved – by being a CHAS supplier or buyer it saves resources and also time.
  • Approval to work – once approved you can work for all CHAS buyers that require certification.
  • Guidance – CHAS also gives guidance, it does that by giving guidance on any weaknesses in a suppliers safety management and shows how it can improve.
  • Wins more business – by having CHAS certification you can win more business as buyers prefer to work with compliant suppliers.
  • CHAS Branding ­– your company will be allowed to use the CHAS logo on the company’s vehicles and stationary.
  • New and Larger Contracts – through CHAS certification there will be a chance of securing new and larger commercial contractors due to the buyers requiring CHAS certificate.