What is a Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit is the process of following the procedures and processes that are agreed, this is during a selection audit process. It also identifies non-conformances in the manufacturing process,
supplier/shipment process, invoicing process, quality process and the engineering change process.

What are the benefits of a Supplier Audit?

A supplier audit adds value in several ways:

  • Implementation of a business management review is established
  • Control of business records is achieved
  • Establishment of document control and customer satisfaction
  • The control of company or business operations is achieved
  • Non-conforming product control will be done through the supplier audit

Why take a Supplier Audit?

There are several reasons to take a supplier audit, this is because supplier audits is a good way of ensuring that the supplier is following the procedures and processes that were agreed upon that
was agreed during the selection process.

It is a cost-effective service which is suited to your business needs, it is also a concise and clear report which highlights the gaps in the procedures and policies. It is also an assurance that the
suppliers are operating with a reduced risk.